DEEP SEA'S RAINBOW (2019) 10min.56sec. Color / Stereo

Animation & Director : Makiko Sukikara

Photography & Writer : Kohei Matsumura

Music : Nobukazu Takemura

Sound Effects : Masaya Kitada

Voice : Misako Yabuuchi

Voice Recording : Kentaro Imai


Special Thanks : Yoshihiro Fujiwara(JAMSTEC)

Support : Media Arts Creators

The idea is a myth of the deep-sea.
A sperm whale swallows the sun and swims toward the deep-sea.
A giant squid inherits the sunshine.
Thousands of squid babies are born like shining stars.
Love beyond Species in the deep-sea.
A rainbow appears in a moonlit night.
A giant squid finishes laying eggs and bids farewell to her own life.
A sperm whale feels the rhythm of the universe with the sun as usual.