WHILE THE CROW WEEPS (2013) 8min. Color / Stereo

Photography & Writer : Kohei Matsumura

Music : Nobukazu Takemura

Animation & Director : Makiko Sukikara


The furtherance : Japan Arts Council

Everything is covered in fog before dawn, the funeral is taken place by crows.
Through the ceremony, they calm the dead down and take over the memories spiritually.
This is an old tradition in the world of crows, what is out of mythology or ecology.


Crows have been the symbol of wisdom since ancient.
I heard there are a lot of things that cannot be explained the ecology of crows,
because of their high intelligence and learning ability.
They often circle around above the dead, collect shiny objects profusely,
and sometimes peck dead flesh of the same kind.
Their world without words transcends human intellect.


This film aims to know pure will and instinct of living things.
In their environment, they find alive in the death. Life and death complement each other and have "principe de participation" for them.
Among the primitive life of ecological chain, it's permanently going on that inheritance of life.
When we watch their attitude to life, our notion of taboo like cannibalism is meaningless.


Mysterious behavior of crows make us to show savage hallucination.
I hope that "While the crow weeps" reaches your pathos beyond the words and ideas.


(Text by Kohei Matsumura)