WILD PEAR (2011) 8min40sec color / stereo

Based on Kenji Miyazawa

Animation : Makiko Sukikara

Music from "Suite For Toy Piano" composed by John Cage

Narration : Ikumi Sukikara

Directed & Performed by Makiko Sukikara & Kohei Matsumura

There are a variety of "blue" in Kenji Miyazawa's works.
He expressed "blue" in mineral, nature scenes, chemical phenomena etc.
His "blue" has clearly silence and bright.
I feel loneliness and fear from his works.
On the other hand, it has something for us to find what a wonderful world.
People in the early 20th century lived in poverty by several earthquake disaster and famine.
Kenji worked hard in agriculture for their life and said the words for human mind.


In 2010, I've started making the animation work " Wild Pear ".
Kenji Miyazawa's " Wild Pear " reminds me of the world that I felt in my childhood.
Growing up, we could no longer see the tiny precious things.
I hope that the audience feel the value and the beauty of those by my animation.
I never change my mind after the huge disaster in March 2011.


Text by Makiko Sukikara